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Listed on this page are some interesting links to Christian websites that I'm sure will bless you and provide encouragement in your daily walk with Christ!

These sites are filled with Biblical articles and resources that answer many difficult questions, especially those about the end time events that will soon arrive upon this earth. Be alert and be an informed Christian.

ACLJ - Jay Sekulow live Radio (1590am)- Jay Sekulow is the Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice. Defending the religious rights of Americans.

All About GOD - The Christian Community for people seeking the truth about God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the meaning of life.

Andrew Wommack Ministries - teaching God's unconditional love and grace

Ankerberg Theological Research Institute - The John Ankerberg Show covers World Events, answers Biblical question and much much more. John Ankerberg is a spokesman for the Christian faith, and a speaker for crusades in major cities....

Answers in Genesis - Upholding the Authority of the Bible from the Very First Verse - Trustworthy Bible Study Resources... - The Bible is a Treasure Chest of Knowledge and Revelation. This cite provides you with Biblical articles and Biblical commentaries on a variety of topics to help you grow in the knowledge of God. - features photographs and descriptions of sites in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Greece with an emphasis on biblical archaeology, geography and history.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association - Billy Graham, a well known evangelist for preaching the Gospel message of salvation throughout the world. His site covers news, events and important topics of interest.

Calvary Chapel - Calvary Connection has a variety of Events and ministry activities that they are in involve in. You can also here the latest broadcast from the last couple of weeks. - The 700 club with Pat Robertson. Have a question for Pat - Bring It On. Listen to the latest News Headline ...

Christian Friends of Israel-USA - Listen and worship the God of Israel and Jesus the Messiah at King of Kings Assembly. You must have the Real Audio Player to listen to audio files. The Audio Player can be downloaded from their site.

Christian Cinema - This is where get the latest Christian movies and reviews. - Christianity Online Magazine has a wealth of info and resources to great links. This site also has a nice search engine, and a chat room that you can add to your web site for content and much more. - A great web community with lots of interesting links, features church locator, Christian sites, Seminaries, Hot Topics, help aids and info for the whole family

CJF Ministries - The Christian Jew Foundation(CJF)

Cornerstone Church - Pastor John Hagee Ministries - Features channels as money, music books, and other mainstream topic

Discovering the Jewish Jesus - Messianic Rabbi Kirt Schneider

The King is Coming - Dr. Ed. Hindson wants to be your teacher. World Prophetic Ministry is the parent organization of The King Is Coming telecast. - The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc. - Pray for the peace of Jerusalem - Psalm 122:6 - A ministry of Gospel Communication and Christian Resources. - Teaching, News, Movies and Documentaries - The Institute for Creation Research - know the truth about creation through scientific research and study - A Christian Web Hosting Site for Christian friendly businesses, families, ministries, and churches.

InTouch Ministries - Dr. Charles Stanley Ministries

Jack Van Impe Ministries International - Jack is one of the world's foremost prophetic scholars on Bible prophecy.

Jewish Voice Ministries International - Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis

Jews for Jesus - We are Jewish people who believe in Jesus.

Joseph Prince Ministries - Joseph Prince preaches the gospel of grace and the love of Jesus.

Joyce Meyer - Joyce Meyer Ministries - Giving people hope for everyday life with practical truths found in God’s Word

Midnight Call Ministries - Midnight Call Magazine - it highlights today's events in light of the Bible prophecy.

Michael D. Evans - Mike Evans is considered a leading expert on Israel and the Middle East. - This site provides Christian programs and radio enrichment Bible - base content. You can listen to your favorite Christian broadcasters, too...

Perry Stone Ministries - Voice of Evangelism - Manna—fest with Perry Stone

Point Of View - Radio Talk Show with Marlin Maddoux - you can listen to live broadcast as Marlin defends the Biblical Christian world view and presents solutions for the problem America.

Prophecy Watchers - Prophecy in the News by Gary Stearman

Prophecy in the News - Prophecy in the News, Worldwide News that are happening now

Prophecy Today - "Examining current events in the light of God's prophetic Word" by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

The Cutting Edge - This site gives us Spiritual Insight Into The New World Order; its dedicated in searching out the news behind the news. It gives us important information with over 100 transcripts from popular radio shows, and provide us with an analysis of current news events and many more interesting things

The Hal Lindsey Report - Hal Lindsey Media Ministries - News in prophecy

The - The Worlds Largest Christian Web Site

The JESUS Film Project - Jesus Video Project is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International.

TBN - Trinity Broadcasting Family of Networks

The King Is Coming - World Prophetic Ministry heralding the Good News of Bible Prophecy and the Soon Return of Jesus Christ by Dr. Ed Hindson

The Traditional Values Coalition - Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) has served as a leading voice in the halls of Congress for Bible-based traditional values for over 30 years.

Worthy News - Christian News Services - Worthy News - Christian Magazine

Zola Levitt - Zola Levitt Ministries - Christianity through Jewish Eyes